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World Series of Innovation

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

Step 1: Download the Toolkit | Step 2: Choose a Category | Step 3: Vote During GEW (stay tuned)

For the 5th year in a row, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) will be hosting a Global Pick during GEW: the World Series of Innovation (WSI).

Since its launch, the WSI has grown from just a few U.S. cities to an educational experience inspiring young people worldwide. WSI, helps young people between the ages of 14 and 24, embrace innovation and become creative problem solvers and visionaries. Since its initiation, NFTE has issued 26 Innovation Challenges with more than 10,000 young people, 2,500+ educators in 15 countries participating. Overall, more than 100,000 online votes have been cast in WSI challenges.

How does it work?

Each team of two to five members will select one of NFTE’s many innovation challenges and come up with a new, unique, innovative product or service to address a market niche. Each team submits a written entry along with the script of a commercial for their innovation. Finalists create video commercials which are then publicized in a social media voting campaign. Winning teams can win cash and prizes for themselves and their sponsoring classroom or organization.

In 2014, NFTE will be offering seven unique challenges. The presenting sponsor, Microsoft, is offering both a game development and an app development challenge around school-related issues.

Other challenge sponsors include a beverage design challenge from The Coca Cola Company’s Venturing and Emerging Brands (VEB) division, a culinary hospitality challenge from MasterCard in cooperation with Junoon Hospitality, a digital business identity challenge from GoDaddy, a location intelligence challenge from the Pitney Bowes Foundation, as well as a virtual volunteering challenge from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The WSI also includes an Innovation Day – an exciting one-day event that brings together a group of 20 or more students to complete WSI submissions with the help of instructors and volunteers from the community. Using an Innovation Day toolkit provided by NFTE, volunteers and instructors will guide the group activities designed to encourage creativity and innovation, including portions of our award winning curriculum Entrepreneurship: Owning Your Future.

Participation in all WSI activities is free and begins by registering to receive a basic toolkit that includes a set of activities designed to encourage creativity and innovation. The new WSI website will launch in early September, and the deadline for submissions during GEW will be November 20, 2014. People’s Choice Voting will take place in January, 2015.

Visit today to join the 2014 – 2015 World Series of Innovation!